About me

Hello, I am Cornel Dolff

Cornel Dolff

I would like to describe my life as a digital nomad on this homepage. Digital Nomad? That was not always like this.

After finishing school I studied industrial engineering for electrical engineering. Since I could never imagine working in this field, I did my own business while studying and selling computers. From the pure trade has become an on-site service for companies.In the 90s I then started developing software at miro Computer Products and later in my own company software on behalf of clients. Thus 20 years in Braunschweig went into the country in a time-organized balancing act between 2 sons, partner and company. Was it that?

I discovered my desire to travel and affinity for foreign countries at the age of 22 in a 5-month stay in South America and abroad in Valencia / Spain. There were several holidays, and especially in the last few years, a deep melancholy came when I returned to my home town Braunschweig. From the longer stays I was feeded very long. I always said to myself: i can always do this. The “this” stood for so many things like: travel, diving, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, motor boating, 6 months with a mobile home through the USA and once around the Mediterranean sea, …

At some point in the beginning of 40, I once took a look outside the box and had to realize that many of my wishes and dreams for life on the line – caught in an immobility in everyday life – owed the steady race the monthly costs, my living standard by compensating for income from my independence, and also vice versa, rising income has led to more private spending. Since I quickly did the motor boat driving license 🙂

So it was my hamster wheel. Leisure and work in the daily life well mixed, private life is financed and I describe it as my life – the 15h-18h days were fun and I had established myself.
Just the right time to look “What did I really want in life?”

In October 2015 it was the time. Without much to think about, I booked 6 weeks India from the middle of December and think today “Wow, which step”. Maybe you have to jump to leave a running wheel. I had no idea how 6 weeks the company should run and yet everything has been done.
I have cleared away the stones for scruples and things to consider, and have set off.

In India, I talked to others about the digital nomads and I felt better not to be alone with my thoughts. In my environment, I mostly encountered resistances of my freedom of thoughts and the unfolding of them according to the motto: “is already”, “must be”.
No, I wanted something different.

Now I am 49. My sons are moved out and are going their own ways, my parents need no help yet – to what should i wait to live my dreams?

The good thing is: It is never too late. There is no better time than now.

As a digital nomad, I will travel the world, in some places I stay short times, in other places i will stay for longer and earn my living costs by working on the notebook. What kind of work this will be – this will be developed. I can also supply my existing customers in Germany from afar.