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Shamanic astrology

Shamanic astrology is archetypal and symbolic. The archetypes of analytical psychology by Carl G. Jung, which he first described in 1902, are used for the zodiac signs. The archetypal material gives us an impression of all the possibilities that are available and which apply to us.


As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within.

The cycles and constellations of the planets exactly reflect the human psyche and phases of our life.


Relation to modern psychology

By linking the constellations and planets to Jung’s archetypes, the gods, spirits and spiritual animals of ancient shamanism can be fully represented.


Death and rebirth

This shamanic principle can be found twice in shamanic astrology. On the one hand constant initiation processes of the human being.


The divine femininity

Shamanic astrology especially emphase the divine feminine, the circle of ancient sages, spirtual animals and mother earth (pachamama)

What you will get

Our talk


You get a little insight into shamanic astrology


You will find out the positions of the planets at the time of your birth


You will learn about the perspective and interpretation of this constellation from a shamanic perspective


We will talk about your past and skills that you bring with you


I will give you tips on what your tasks and helpers in this life can be for your personal and professional fulfillment


... and where your path can lead you in the future

I am looking forward to our talk – just make an appointment with me below

Cornel Dolff

About me


Astrologer from heart

I have been traveling around the world since 2016 and have approached shamanic astrology on various paths. I did a pilgrimage on the Camino Santiago (Way of St. James) and through the deepest jungle of the Amazon with Ayahuasca ceremonies, my path led me to the island of the gods on Bali where I was allowed to take a big step on my shamanic spiritual path and dived deeper into the secrets of shamans and their astrology. As I am so passionate about that, I would like to pass it on.


The shamanic astrology session with Cornel was eye-opening on many levels. After two astrology sessions in the past two years I was curious what the shamanic way could potentially add to it and was positively surprised. Cornel did not only explain the general approach but also went into details of my personal horoscope. That came with some surprise and explained lots of my past and present behaviour. I learnt a lot and also felt motivated and encouraged to live my constellation and all of its facets even more going forward. Thanks Cornel for the wonderful insight and inspirational session.

Maike Thumel

It was really wonderful to talk to you and learn so much about my shamanic birth chart. I’m still pretty impressed and think about it a lot. So thank you again for taking the time to share your knowledge with me.
The relationship axis really hits exactly what I think and I find it fascinating that it all matches so strongly.

Jenny Hämisch

I have to admit, that I was a little skeptical beforehand. The bigger the surprise was how much of it actually applied to me. The positive, empathetic nature of Cornel made the whole thing a great experience.

Sebastian Krämer

Just select date and time and we see, what your natal chart will bring up for you